About Shurtan gas chemical complex

Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex is one of the right steps into the future, which is a combination of huge peaks of science and modern techniques and technologies, a combination of high thinking and knowledge.
The complex is located in the southwestern part of our country on a desert territory between Karshi and Guzar districts of Kashkadarya region, built on the basis of the Shurtan gas-condensate field.
This enterprise which has great importance for the economy and development of the country, refines the natural gas for the further production of highly profitable products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, you have to get information from the complex official site or from the personnel department about available vacancies.

Site has a product page, which contains information on purchasing procedure and price list of purchased products. You can familiarize with the products by means of detailed information on page.

In Kashkadarya region, Guzar district, Shurtan settlement.

You need to go to the section "Contact us" of menu and select "Appeals". Here you can place your appeal.

No, it is impossible.

During vacation, employee of complex can get an appointment card for the recreation center "Medservice" from complex trade-union committee on the concessionary terms (which depend on length of service).

Employees from the other organizations, as well as individual persons can get an appointment card for the recreation center "Medservice" on a contractual basis or by paying for the appointment card for cash or transfer into account.

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Shurtan settlement, Guzar district, Kashkadarya, Uzbekistan
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+998 75 552-42-54



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Monday - Friday

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Working hours: 08:00-17:00
Lunch: 12:00-13:00