About complex activity

“Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex” a limited liability company (LLC), (Settlement Shurtan)

  • produces polyethylene;
  • liquefied gas;
  • gas condensate;
  • pelletized sulphur;
  • treated natural gas;
  • and also other finished polyethylene products.
  • Location - the Southern part of Uzbekistan (Guzar district, the Kashkadariya region), Karshi steppe. The complex is constructed on the basis of Shurtan gas-condensate field.


The activity form - Limited Liability Company  - is a part of the joint-stock company "O'zbekneftgaz".

Shurtan gas chemical complex’s technology is designed for production of 150 marks of high, medium and low density of linear polyethylene.


Annual SGCC capacity on processing:

  • Up to 4,0 billion cubic meters of raw gas;
  • Up to 3,5 billion cubic meters of natural gas for consumers;
  • More than 125 thousand tons of the polyethylene pellets;
  • More than 110 thousand tons of liquefied gas;
  • More than 90 thousand tons of gas condensate;
  • More than 1,0 thousand tons of the pelletized sulphur.



          • the polyethylene pipes;
          • the connecting fittings;
          • the 10-litre cans;
          • the household casegoods;
          • the alumo-composite panels;
          • the drop irrigation system details;
          • masterbatch;
          • and also polyethylene sheets of various sizes are produced;

in the "Karshitermoplast" shop.

The polyethylene pellets produced in “Shurtan gas chemical complex” LLC go for export, and also used within republic for manufacture of different kinds of products.

Wide adaptability, and also purposefulness of the “Shurtan gas chemical complex” LLC products provides steady and effective development of different branches of Uzbekistan economy, serves as an original catalyst for introduction of absolutely new kinds of production and technologies, gives possibility actively to develop small and medium business, and also to raise export suitability in republic.