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According to Decree No. DP-3386 of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated from November 14, 2017 “About measures for improving the competitive environment, eliminating conditions of abuse and pillage, strengthening of payment discipline, reducing of receivables and payables to provide with fuel and energy resources, as well as other liquid products”, also in accordance with Decree No. 57 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated from February 5, 2004 “About continuing implementation of market mechanisms for selling of highly liquid products and raw materials", Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex, LLC products (polyethylene pellets, liquefied gas, sulfur) are sold by Commodity Exchange of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

At present, main commercial raw materials produced by Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex are sold on the platform of highly liquid products of Exchange.

What should do the customers who want to buy the products of the complex by means of Commodity Exchange for the first time?

1. Having visited the official website of JSC “CERU” -, having selected the list of brokers from the interactive services section, he familiarize with the brokerage offices which at the moment have passed accreditation of Commodity Exchange, also with the list of stockbrokers.

Buyer may conclude the service contract with the location of buyer or, at his discretion, with the brokerage office chosen by him.

2. Broker helps buyer to register at Commodity Exchange and the accounting and clearing chamber of Commodity Exchange, buyer, in accordance with his order, on his own behalf and at his own expense do all the jobs to prepare the contract for purchasing of products on Exchange trades and registration on Commodity Exchange.

3. After opening a personal user account (PUA) for Buyer in the accounting and clearing chamber of Exchange, prepayment sum is sent to the account of the brokerage chamber of Exchange (depending on type of product it is fixed from 2% up to 10%, for polyethylene and liquefied gas - up to 10%).

4. According to the contract concluded with the brokerage office, Buyer places an order in the prescribed form for purchasing of products offered at Exchange trades.

5. According to the results of Exchange trading after purchasing of products by broker, broker, having drawn up a contract, gives it to buyer for execution.

6. As per the contract terms, as soon as 100% payment has been performed within 5 business days, buyer sends the authorized person to complex with the vehicle and the power of attorney. With regard to product exportation, buyer address to the product sales and marketing department.

Fixed terms of product exportation: for polyethylene and liquefied gas is 10 banking days, for technical sulfur is 7 banking days.