Functional duties

Performs the following tasks:

Ø  organization of the implementation of the enterprise's investment program, introduction of new forms and methods of work in capital construction;

Ø  fulfillment of contracts for the construction of facilities, control over compliance by contractors with the established construction deadlines;

Ø  implementation of a unified pricing policy;

Ø  regulation and updating, in accordance with the requirements of a market economy, the estimated and regulatory framework for pricing in capital construction in order to reduce the cost of installation work;

Ø  improvement of the mechanism for determining the cost of construction of facilities in the implementation of investment projects and the transition to prices specified in the current contract;

Ø  ensuring the rational distribution and control over the targeted use of financial resources allocated for objects of special importance and initial construction;

Ø  Implementation and compliance with the requirements for the quality of construction and installation works in accordance with the international quality standard ISO-9001:2008 and the widespread use of advanced technologies;

Ø  coordination of preparatory work, carrying out major and current repairs for sustainable work in the autumn-winter period on capital construction;

Ø  organization of work on the development and implementation of measures aimed at ensuring compliance with safety regulations, labor protection, prevention and reduction of injuries and occupational diseases at work;

Ø  approval and conclusion of contracts for the scope of work performed on capital construction and overhaul;

Ø  selection and placement of employees in subdivisions subordinate to him, making proposals, strengthening labor discipline, ensuring compliance with the internal labor regulations by all employees of subdivisions subordinate to him;

Ø  control and verification of the activities of the unitary enterprise of capital construction, repair and construction departments, construction directorates in the prescribed manner

Ø  coordination of work on the fulfillment of obligations on the agricultural plot;

Ø  solution of issues directly related to the activities of the SGCC for capital construction and consideration of incoming correspondence in accordance with the normative acts of the legislation of Uzbekistan.

Conclusion of contracts related to construction and repair work, namely:

Ø  on repair, contract, and capital construction;

Ø  purchase of building materials;

Ø  contracts related to the activities of the agricultural plot.

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