Photo tour to the highest peak of Uzbekistan

The highest mount of Uzbekistan, Hazrati Sultan, is again open for travelers. For some time it was impossible to reach the top of mountain, and since last year people began to climb the mountain on the border with Tajikistan. On July 24, 2019, a tour to Hazrati Sultan was first organized. Despite the difficulty, about 150 people gathered to reach the highest mountain in the country. The staff of the complex also participated in this tour. The top of Hazrati Sultan is located on Hisar chain, and its height is 4643 meters.The mount is the highest point in Uzbekistan. It is called Hazrati Sultan in honor of Khoja Ahmad Yassawi.

One of the names of Yassavi was Hazrat Sultan.After Hisarak, we crossed the pass and entered the villages. After crossing Miraki village, the connection was lost on phones. Only Uz Mobile worked, but later it didn’t work either. As we approached the top, the road became even worse. It became clear why we were given “NIVA” car. After visiting the lake village, there were only mountains around. When we entered the middle of the mountain, we saw soldiers.By 9 pm we reached the valley between the mountains. Traveling from Kitab to the valley took more than 3 hours. Fortunately, the organizers gave everyone a flashlight. At night, we went to the highest point in the country. Everyone began to follow the same path, but later divided. Admittedly, climbing a steep mountain was very difficult. It may be simple for mountain people, but who are not used to climbing, it is difficult. Around is dark and there is no movement. At such times, a person will feel helpless in front of nature.              

Around 03:30 we reached the top of Hisar chain.The weather was cooler due to the snow on top of the mountain. On the eve of sunrise, the weather was especially cold. And sunrise is a special beauty. At that time, the mountains became even more beautiful. At sunrise, we returned. It was not easy. Approximately after 4 hours, we again reached the valley where the cars stood. When we arrived, we really understood the beauty of the mountain. Because at the top fear was strong.              

When approaching the top of mountain of Uzbekistan, a person hears only one voice - the sound of silence. True, we heard the sound of a river in the distance, but the sound I am talking about was different. It was so quiet at dawn, if you say the sound will be heard by echo. As mentioned earlier, we realized that this is happiness.              

It was a wonderful trip. Below are some photos that you can take an imaginary journey to Hazrati Sultan.    The videos that were shot during the trip, we will share with you later.              

Here is a frame above 4000 meters. Below is a bottomless abyss, and in front of it is a "small" mountain.

U. Khaydarov