Functional duties
  • Performing the general and operational management of Shurtan GCC.
  • Addressing issues relating to improvement of management structure and realization of programs of reforming in the system of complex.
  • Performing coordination of elaboration of balance of the basic reprocessing processes, product manufacture and realization.
  • Assisting in organization of industrial-economic activities of complex, on the basis of application of scientifically proved methods of planning, material-financial standards and labor expenses for achievement of high technical and economic indexes, all-round increase of a technical level and quality of product, rational and economical expenditure of all kinds of resources.
  • Performing elaborations and realizations of concrete measures on development of an export potential of the enterprise on the basis of carrying out of marketing researches of the world market of polyethylene pellets, liquefied gas, and also measures on product export, control of performance of export liabilities, pricing on export;
  • Addressing issues of satisfaction of enterprise needs for qualified personnel;
  • Performing arrangement of works with the higher and special secondary educational establishments, on training and retraining of specialists for enterprise needs;
  • Performing organization of elaboration and realization of programs of social development of enterprise;
  • Addressing issues of hiring of the office housing space;
  • Addressing issues of own safety of complex;
  • Performing coordination of activities on ensuring of industrial security on SGCC;
  • Performing arrangement of works on realization of measures directed on reduction of price of SGCC production;
  • Signing decisions of administration, orders and directions concerning complex activity, orders on appointment and dismissal of chiefs of shops, sectors, departments and their deputies;
  • Performing realization of complex of measures on dynamical enterprise development;
  • Providing performance of items of the collective agreement.

Last edit time : 02.03.2020