Functional duties

To provide carrying out of a uniform policy of the organization in scientific and technical, industrial and innovative spheres.

To participate in preparation of tasks for project decisions development for “Shurtan GCC capacity expansion”.

To provide conformity of developed projects and technical documentation to standards, technical specifications and other standard documents on designing and building of «Shurtan GCC capacity expansion», and also to the task for their development.

To provide effective interaction and coordination of activity of the organization structural divisions in definition of ways of transformation and development of scientific and technical and innovative spheres with reference to market economy conditions. To define strategic innovative directions.

To carry out field supervision of building of the designed objects, to consult on the questions entering in his competence.

To participate in writing an application disclosure, preparation of the conclusions and responses on innovation proposals and inventions, draft standards, technical specifications and other standard documents, in work of seminars and conferences.

To provide maintenance and development of scientific and technical and innovative potentials of complex.

To participate in and control realization of innovative projects of the organization.

To define and investigate external sources of investments.

To develop the concept of an enterprise investment policy on the basis of financial, industrial and commercial indexes of the enterprise state, investment advantage in the market of capitals.

To define needs for resources for carrying out of an investment policy on the basis of strategy of the enterprise development.

To carry out an assessment of:

- efficiency of investment projects;

- efficiency of participation in projects;

- public (social and economic) efficiency of projects;

- commercial efficiency of projects;

- possible commercial risks connected with realization of investment projects.

To represent plans of investment projects to the head of financial division for coordination and direction to the economic planning division for working out of the feasibility report of the investment project.

To develop, organize and execute of investment programs of enterprise development, to introduce the advanced management methods.

To organize issue of the conclusions on investment and other contracts with SGCC;

To control the work of «Shurtan GCC capacity expansion» group, as well as manage its activity.

To manage working out of measures on resource saving and multipurpose use of material resources, improvement of standard consumption of raw material, materials, circulating capitals and a stocks of materials and capital equipment, improvement of economic indexes of “SGCC” Co Ltd work, profitability increase, and also overrun of material resources.

Last edit time : 23.07.2019