A safe and healthy working environment is being created for workers at the "Shurtan GCHC"

Occupational safety is a measure aimed at maintaining the safety, health and working capacity of the employee in the work process. The legislation defines the socio-economic, organizational, technical, sanitary-hygienic, treatment-and-prophylactic measures applied in the labor process.

On behalf of the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Uzbekneftegaz" Mehriddin Abdullaev, the requirements of health, industrial safety, labor protection and environmental condition, as well as technical regulation of production are constantly monitored at all facilities, and shortcomings are eliminated in a timely manner.

In particular, the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex conducted a total of 107 inspections of the management of the integrated management system of labor protection and industrial safety, and the shortcomings identified during the preventive inspections were addressed in a timely manner.

At the same time, the staff of the complex is constantly improving their skills in occupational safety.

In particular,were trained 11 people at the Industrial Safety Training Center "Kontexnazorat" , 5 people at the Republican Scientific Center for Employment and Labor Protection , members of the volunteer gas rescue team “Dorul kasb-hunar ” NTM 419 people ,
3 employees in accordance with the international standard of health and safety ISO 45001: 2018.

In addition, 4,618 employees have been trained in accordance with the targeted training program organized at the complex, which is not separated from production.

At the heart of such work at the complex is not only the ability of employees to work at production facilities in a correct and efficient, safe and healthy working environment, but also the prevention of accidents that may occur.

In addition, the complex undergoes regular medical examinations to ensure the health and well-being of its employees.

Workers identified as urgently needed during the medical examination were placed under medical supervision and included in the rehabilitation plan.

The identified emergency and scheduled inpatients were partially treated in regional and national clinical hospitals and sent to rest and recover in sanatoriums throughout the country and the region.

In addition, all branches of the complex are under sanitary control, and at the time of commissioning, employees are trained in first aid skills on an annual basis.

During the pandemic, measures to prevent the coronavirus were developed and qualified medical personnel were involved. High-temperature workers were quarantined and sent for treatment, and with the help of a modern medical laboratory, test diagnostics, drug stocks were formed, and early detection of Covid-19 infection was established.

However, in order to prevent the spread of grippe, the staff of the complex was vaccinated against grippe.

Prepared by the Press Service of ''Uzbekneftegaz ''JSC and ''Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex'' LLC