The event, organized in the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex in connection with the World Environment Day on June 5, was attended by employees of the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection of Kashkadarya region, deputies of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, heads of the research Institute under the State Forestry Committee and a number of organizations and enterprises in this field, employees of the complex, as well as members of the public. Activists of the regional environmental party, students and media workers took part.

The speakers at the event also noted that a number of environmental protection works are being carried out in our country, in particular, a strong legal framework for the industry has been created, the importance of World Environment Day, which is widely celebrated in almost all countries of the world, at present, when environmental problems are becoming more global.

The end of the first part of the event was the announcement and awarding of the winners of the “Most Environmentally section”, organized in order to carry out large-scale landscaping and landscaping works in the company, to increase environmental culture among workers.

At the same time, a ceremony of awarding memorable gifts to activists of the environmental party took place.

The Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection of Kashkadarya region highly appreciated the work of LLC "Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex" to preserve ecology and create a green belt on the territory. On the side of the team led by Ibragimov, the head of the complex was awarded.

The second part of the event continued with the planting campaign and the opening ceremony of the garden in the park “Pavlonia” LLC “Shurtan green territory”.

At the entrance to the newly established garden, majmua has mastered international experience in the restoration of the garden in water-deficient areas, and at the same time created localized samples of technologies, views of equipment used in drip irrigation.

In the main part of the event, honorary guests and participants of the event planted their seedlings in the newly created Pavilion Garden.

The practical part of the event ended with the introduction of visitors to the planting House organized by "Shurtan green territory" LLC.

Press service of "Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex" LLC